About us

CITEC Technical Trading GmbH was registered in 1995. Our business trade focusses on specialized machines and the components of machines such as casting, forging, pressware, stamping, metal machine work and plastic part, etc. Most of our products are being manufactured under full control in oversea. But we are responsible for technical consulting, advising, delivery time controlling and the warranty of quality. As a qualified subcontractor and supplier, we work and cooperate with various machine manufacturers in following industries and branches:

  • Automotiv
  • Agricultural machine
  • Precision machine
  • Discharge parts
  • Anti vibration element
  • Petrochemical industry

With our felxibilty, we are able provide highest quality in terms of manufacturing parts and individual forms that exactly fit to belongings of our customers. We also guarantee that all inquires and orders will be done correctly to our customers satisfaction. Reliability and a great variety as well a full service for our customers are the main aspects of our business.